Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lurong week 5- I may be failing miserably but I am not giving up hope yet!

WEEK 5!!! Cant believe the challenge is winding down. So bummed it wasn't as great for me this time but I am not going to lie I have appreciated the menu, the mini wods and the tips. I have struggled a TON but that's part of the challenge right? (i hope)
I just know that if ONE person was able to take ONE thing away from was a success. 

Since I have struggled so much I have decided this week, I am going back to what I know best, I am taking some new things, some old things and I am going to do my best to just get through this next week and end on a good note. 
My Costco trip looked like this!

I immediately shredded my brussel sprouts. I like to bag these in what I call "single serving" which is a sandwhich bag. I do about 3 bags that way-they shrink when I zap them in the microwave so I super stuff them and I add my seasonings..I KNOW microwaving is GROSS but I am living on borrowed time right now-my mantra is easy is as is does-simple is as simple does ETC!!!

SOOO I found this amazing "salsa" its so hard to find pre made salsa without a bunch of JUNK in it but this was relatively CLEAN. NO sugar. I added this to my take on breakfast muffins

I did the sliced bacon in the bottom but instead of just cracking my egg into it I scrambled it with kale, yellow and orange bell peppers, onion, salsa and seasonings.

I also made some meatballs- chicken and italian spicy sausage -these are great just to have on hand when you get tired of everything else. I made the awesome Marias tomatoe sauce and zoodles (zuchinni noodles) 

Cooked some Salmon. I will have this with the awesome bagged Asian salad. I am making a faux coleslaw-meaning I throw away everything I cant have- the wontons and the dressing and I add avocado and a little red wine vinegar. 

I did make a little snack if I am craving something sweet. Cinnamon Banana Waffles. I am not going to sugar coat this- in a pinch I always go back to MY fav place for recipes PaleOMG

Easy and oh so delicious. I figured out how to get both sides crunchy. I bagged up 4 slices and froze the rest.

 Not sure if anyone else struggles with - you are trying to eat Paleo and the significant other doesnt? Here is a good example of how dinner can look. On the left- salmon, broccoli and sweet potato, on the right regular potato (with butter and sour cream) broccoli and salmon. IT IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE THIS WORK!!!

Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Valentines Day!! The Mr and I do not really love this day..not sure why but this is what he got this year...HEART SHAPED PIZZA!!

And this is what he got me...Red Velevet Cupcakes...OMG...not Paleo btw.

My post wouldnt be complete without a pic of my sweet and perfectly amazing Grandbaby. The perfect Valentine!

Just one more thing before I go. Check out my cool swag that I scored on Saturday. This is my cousins stuff if you were unable to get to 22 on Saturday to score on a new rope, some wrist wraps, socks or a new t shirt here is the link to her website-- LOVE LOVE that she has gone to our Greek roots the greek translation for KRATOS In Greek mythology, Kratos or Cratus (Ancient Greek: Κράτος, English translation: "power") is the son of Pallas and Styx and the personification of strength and power the socks are amazing and super long!!

Here is hoping everyone has a GREAT week and for all my Lurongers a STRONG finish!!! I love you all for joining in this challenge with me!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I do not have much but I can tell you this. BEING A GRANNY IS THE BEST!!!!

'I do not really have too much for this week. Its been nuts this week- wodding has been so tough- but I made it through another week.

LURONG....I am failing miserably. Saturday I had 2 cheats in one day. no excuses..I am just sucking at it this round. I dont really know what else to say. So many variables right now. All I know is that I am TRYING! My focus is just not with the challenge I NEED TO TURN THAT AROUND. 

Still loving the menus. I have kind of prepped some things and left some things for week night cooking. I DO NOT LOVE IT. But I love eating the menu someone else had to think about. 

We are SO surprised
I am still happy Scarlet is done!
Just going to share a few of the moments Miss Lady Sass and I had this weekend! HUGE kudos to my Daughter (in law) Jenna for being an amazing Mother- the amount of patience you have does not go unnoticed. Here are just a few of the moments I shared with this little one! I call this Selfie Central!

Nappy hair girls in da house!

Scarlet was pretty much over me at this point

Let me get to food stuff. I do fantastic during the week but the weekends are killing me. I am loving the bacon and egg muffins from last week so I am just doing them again. But I also hard boiled a dozen eggs- if you havent caught on to this DO IT 23-25 minutes 350 and you are done- let them just sit until they cool off put them in the fridge and they are there for you in a pinch!

I do love this soup recipe for this week- I opted to use chicken thighs, I grilled them then chopped them up -to this soup I threw in a jalapeno I seeded one side and also added squash noodles. This is so yum!
Not quite to Holy Trinity but close!

When all else fails add jalepeno

My noodles...spiralized squash

I was not kidding when I told you I didn't have much! I hope all of you doing Lurong are doing well- If not- tomorrow is Monday-a new fresh start! I am just taking it ONE day at a time at this point- its all I can do- Hang in there ya'll 2 more weeks. We got this...then right into the Open...CANT WAIT!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The struggle is all too real. Family time with my Kiddos is the BEST time!

The headline says it all. 
I had a rough week. My eating was fine. My sleeping COMPLETELY OUT OF WHACK...led to many unnecessary things. 
I have to get better at brushing things off. Month end used to be my FAVORITE!! I loved the grind and the push and the buzz...lately...not so much...I somehow have to figure this out and find a good balance. Way TOO many things out of my control. Makes this girl NUTSO!

My workouts this week were on point. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING other than I didn't die. :0)
My shoulder is on the mend and I could not be happier about it. I am still having to pick and choose how much to put on it but I feel so good about this! The Open starts at the end of this month. I just want to feel like I am READY! (whatever that means)

Costco trip was a little lighter this week-LURONGERS- have you figured out your "staple" items yet? I think i had to get more items at Target than at Costco today!
Love to keep Rotel on hand- the bag with my name? Fish from my Pops!

Since I am blogging during the Superbowl (yes I am the lame person avoiding Superbowl parties so I don't cheat)- going to get right to food.
Starting week 3 of Lurong. Not doing as well as I did last time. My eating is fine- there are just some other things out of sync..hoping to figure them out soon. 

I have been following the 30 day eating plan ISH. Its had  some great ideas. Super excited to try this weeks breakfast! I have done this in an avocado before but never just as a muffin! Cut bacon in half- cook about halfway through I just made an X with them in the muffin tin and dropped my egg on top. When they were done- I bagged them up in 2's quick and ready to go!

Got my sprializer this week. Can you say love at first sight? I had some zuchinni and squash that I bought last week and I didn't know what to do with it- I spiralized it all and froze it. Hopefully this will cook up great at a later date and it was not all for nothing!

I had to laugh when I saw what this leaves at the end. Not sure why this is so funny to me!


I know its really not a soup kind of week but I am super excited for this- I added some spiralized "zoodles" I opted for the crockpot cooking method.

Leftover Spaghetti squash and bomb meat sauce

LURONGERS-anyone else ending up with a bunch of leftovers? Here is what I opted to do because I HATE to waste healthy food. I made a few little "freezer meals" I am not really sure how these will heat up but I am hoping they are what my mind is imaging. 

So my sweet daughter in law sent this to me. This is not only picture perfect but Paleo as well- Sweet potato bun jalapeno sliders with roasted cauliflower. 
Thanks for sharing Jenna!!! :)
Recipe-cut the sweet potato to desired thickness-rub with olive oil and add salt and pepper- bake @ 400 for approx 20 min- the burgers are pretty much however you would like them- she roasted a jalepeno and then added onions, avocado, spinach and bacon! 

I seriously can't wait to try these!

LURONGERS!!! How is everyone doing on their goals???
Photo Cred Matt Jensen
Photo Cred Matt Jensen
One of my goals was to start learning how to walk on my hands. Thanks to Matt Jensen for capturing me actually working on this..ITS A TOTAL WORK IN PROGESS!!! And sorry Jules...I photobombed you it was unintentional - but I HAD to post this awesome pic of you!
Please notice me in the back-Photo Cred Matt Jensen

I was so HAPPY to be able to get some KIDDOS time on Friday- not only did I get to attend a baby shower for my sweet daughter I was able to enjoy an evening of food, fun, laughing and sharing memories. I do not think most people will ever really completely grasp the dynamics of the relationship that I share with these kids and how absolutely PROUD I am of them and what they have chosen to do with their lives. I cant believe the next time I see LaTonya she will be a sweet Mommy!!!! Just a few pics from a fun night (yes I put my pep club sweater on Scarlet- future Viking maybe?) Please enjoy the pics- ESPECIALLY THE SELFIES. Yes..My Mom and I took a selfie...
Got all the kiddos Jenna-Kolbs-Scarlet - LaTonya and Moises
Scarlet sporting my Pep Club sweater

Future Viking?? Maybe...

Baby Shower-LaTonyas cute sis Roxanne

Baby Shower

Baby Shower Selfie with my Momma she is a good sport!

LaTonya and Moises with Grandma Joanne TOO CUTE

Oh Scarlet LOVES cupcakes

Really Granny? Another one?
I love this girl- could she be any more stunning???
One last selfie- clearly Scarlet is done.

Check out Scarlets eye!!!

Well...It was an eventful week- sad and happy to have it behind me. Looking forward to a new month!!! 
Closing with this! I can do the important math!!!! Have a great week everyone!!